Preferred POS Retail Point of Service Software
The best touch screen point of sale software available. Download the software and try it out for yourself. Please go to the "Contact Us" page if you have any questions.
Touch screen POS retail software for all types of businesses including quick serve, salons, convenience store, liquor store and more.

Preferred POS touch screen point of sale software

Please contact us if you have any questions on how to setup your software to suite your needs.

While using the software, press the F1 key or click the help menu at the top of the screen to display the help files.

Sell your items by clicking with mouse, use touch screen or scan bar codes. Set security levels for employee groups. Preferred POS keeps track of your inventory so you can keep important items in stock.
Process credit card and debit card payments securely using our preferred merchant providers. 

Gift card processing is built directly into the software. There is no need to pay for processing gift card transactions. Ask about ordering customized gift cards for your establishment.

Your customer's critical financial data is encrypted from the source and is safe from fraud.
Contact us if you would like to receive a cost analysis for credit card and debit card processing. Integrate the processing into the retail software so there are no user errors using two separate systems. Our competitive pricing will save you money on your processing cost.